Water Heater Installation & Repair

Are you experiencing issues with your hot water? It may be time to call in an expert from Emergency Plumber Services. We specialize in hot water heater repair and installation for all types of makes and models.

It is common for hot water heaters to wear out or break down since we use them every day to do thinks like wash dishes or take showers. In extreme cases, a water heater will even explode causing water damage that can result in repairs that costs thousands of dollars. With a hot water heater specialist from Emergency Plumber Services, you can get your hot water flowing again in no time.

Conventional Hot Water Heaters

Most homes in America have conventional hot water heaters. These water heaters have a large tank that heats the water using a fuel like propane, natural gas, or electricity. They generally hold 20-80 gallons of water at a time. There are newer types of water heaters that are becoming more popular that our technicians can install for you and service as well.

Other Types of Water Heaters

Tankless – These provide instant hot water and take up little space. They do not have a large tank.

Solar – These use energy gathered from the sun to power the water heater. These are very energy efficient and beyond the cost to buy the water heater, will cost you virtually nothing to run.

If you are in need of a new water heater we can discuss all your options with you and help determine what’s right for your home and family. Contact our plumbers today for all of our hot water heater services — (407) 369-2097.

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